I’ve been passionate about fasting, keto and diet since 2017, reading hundreds of articles on the subject, listening to podcasts, watching videos, purchasing books, testing tools, nutrients, programs, etc.

Here are some of my recommendations. Keep in mind those might not be the best book, mug, program, etc. for everybody. But based on what I’ve learned and tested, that’s what I would recommend!

Best books on diet, food, psychology, etc.
Best mugs for coffee, tea and bulletproof coffee

About me

I’m Thierry, a binge eating, alcohol drinking, party making, intermittent faster experimenting with keto, short and long fasts, etc.

I’m by no mean a doctor nor pretending to be one, I’m just an ordinary guy fascinated with these subjects. I compile in this blog informations, studies, content, etc. I read, listened to or watched since I first started intermittent fasting in 2007.

I hope these articles will help you !