Managing Fasting & keto lifestyle
with a social life

How fasting affects digestion and gut health

Fasting as many benefits and if you implement intermittent fasting, you’ll see that it really affects your digestion and gut health. Let’s discover how.

12 supplements to help you with fasting

Getting the right supplements on a fast can sometimes be a great help to get you through it. While they are not a prerequisite, they have many advantages.

Can fasting unclog arteries?

If you think too much fat and cholesterol clog your arteries, think again! But how exactly does that happen and can fasting or keto prevent or reverse it?

How fasting and keto affect sleep and energy

Fasting or keto will have affect your energy and sleep quality. Discover why these side-effects happen, how to prevent them and the long term benefits.

Will bulletproof coffee break your fast?

Bulletproof coffee has been a trend for a while now. Beyond the cult, what are its actual benefits and, to be clear on the subject, does it break a fast?

Artificial sweeteners and fasting: a complete guide

Artificial sweeteners and fasting: a complete guide

When fasting you might ask yourself if it was OK to add stevia to your coffee or lemon water, to get some sweetness and facilitate the transition from eating normally, including sweet foods, to fasting. Artificial sweeteners have been having a bad rap those last few...

Debunking 14 myths about fasting and keto

Debunking 14 myths about fasting and keto

If you implemented fasting or keto in your everyday life and you're getting the great benefits of it, you might want to spread the word. Since it's such an amazing way to lose weight, feel good, relax you're gut, etc. Plus all the many benefits you've read about it...

6 foods to eat before a prolonged fast

6 foods to eat before a prolonged fast

I experimented with fasting quite a lot in the last few years. And I have to say I wasn't always a disciplined faster. It came quite easy to me, so I never thought too much about what I should eat before starting a prolonged fast. My last prolonged fast was epic...

11 Best Foods to Break a Fast

11 Best Foods to Break a Fast

These days when trying to find information about fasting on the web, I feel more and more like reading rocket science articles. It feels like you should do so many things if you want to fast the right way. Eat the right food in the right amount before, complements...

About intermittent dieter

Hi there ! I’m Thierry, a binge eating, alcohol drinking, party making, intermittent faster experimenting with keto, short and long fasts and other rather strict lifestyle choices.

I often wonder how to combine a social life that’s full of late night partying and a more disciplined weekday lifestyle ?

If you’re like me and don’t want to give up binge eating and alcohol to stay in shape, you found the right blog ! My idea ? Being able to stay fit using fasting and keto, while maintaining pretty crazy weekends with my friends.

I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be one. Here I simply compile informations, studies, content, etc.  I read or watched since I started fasting in 2017. Hopefully, these articles will help !